Graduate Research Topics

Stephen T. Abedon
Bacteriophage Ecology, History, and Behavior.
Brian M. Ahmer
Detection of other microbial species and the host environment by Salmonella.
Birgit Alber
Biochemistry of central carbon metabolism.
Juan Alfonzo
Editing and Modification of tRNA: Roles in Mitochondrial Biogenesis and Disease.
Irina Artsimovitch
Molecular mechanisms of transcription elongation,elongation control of virulence genes in proteobacteria.
Investigate how genetic variation in the human fungal pathogen Candida albicans contributes to phenotypic diversity that impacts disease. 
Molecular & Cellular Biochemistry.
Membrane Protein Assembly, Proteases, Biophysics.
Charles J. Daniels
Molecular Biology of the archaea: archaeal SNO-RNAs.
Kurt Fredrick
Molecular mechanism of reading frame maintenance during translation.
Protein-aided RNA catalysis.
John Gunn
Salmonella/Francisella pathogenesis and host cell interactions.
Mitochondria and chloroplast membrane biogenesis.
Tina M. Henkin
Transcription termination control in Gram-positive bacteria; RNA structure/function.
Michael Ibba
Protein synthesis in bacteria and archaea. Antibiotic resistance.

Discovery, biosynthesis, and chemical ecology of microbial natural products; bioactivity and mode of action of antibiotics; biocatalyst development

Pravin T. Kaumaya
Peptide and Protein design, antigenic and immunogenic determinants, protein folding.
Joseph A. Krzycki
Biochemistry and molecular biology of methanogenic Archaea emphasizing methane formation and their genetic encoding of the novel amino acid pyrrolysine.
Jesse Kwiek
HIV-1 transmission and host-viral interactions.
Combinatorial and Statistical Approaches to Protein Stability, Structure and Function.
Chad A. Rappleye
Molecular Mechanisms of virulence by Histoplasma capsulatum.
Global change microbiology and microbial metaproteomics.
Obligatory Intracellular Bacteria; Anaplasma, Ehrlichia, and Neorickettsia
Natividad Ruiz
Envelope biogenesis in Gram-negative bacteria.
Genome evolution, insect microbe interactions, and nutrient cycling.
Abhay Satoskar
Immune mechanisms that determine outcome of "New world" cutaneous and visceral leishmaniasis.
Stéphanie Seveau
Molecular basis of host cell invasion by L.monocytogenes.
Phage ecology and evolution, phage-host interaction biology, and phage discovery through (meta)genomics.
F. Robert Tabita
Biochemistry, molecular biology, molecular ecology, archaea.
Hua Wang
Biofilm formation involving food-borne pathogenic and health-promoting microorganisms.
Applied protein engineering for biotechnology development.
Daniel Wozniak
Bacterial pathogenesis and gene regulation.
Post-translational modifications, Protein Fatty Acylation; Ubiquitination, Influenza Virus, Sendai Virus; Innate Immunity, Interferon
Ahmed E. Yousef
Microbial safety of food; foodborne pathogens; preservation technologies; mechanism of resistance.