ODP for 9/12 Faculty

Faculty on 9/2 appointments are eligible for up to 3 months of Off Duty Pay (referred to simply as ODP). The dates available to use ODP, fall between September 1 – August 14 of each year of the 9/12 faculty appointment. (Reminder: 12/12 Faculty are not eligible for ODP.)

ODP is also one of several ways to demonstrate effort on external funding per your grant proposal. 

The specific dates that can be used towards ODP, are shared at the beginning of each academic year. The College of Arts and Sciences HR group share an official memo from senior leadership, which is then passed on to our Departmental faculty for reference via an email from the Department Chair and/or Department Manager.

The specific dates are determined by OAA and shared on their site, along with other process documentation and information. (Further information at the bottom of this page)

The basic rules to keep in mind when requesting ODP are:

  1. No more than 3 months total of ODP may be requested by a faculty member for the period in which it is being requested (September 1 – August 14)
  2. No more than 2.5 Months of ODP requested can be from external funding sources.
  3. No more than 2 Months of ODP requested can be from university funding sources.
    • This can include: Start-up, Release Time, Internal Seed grant (provided the agreement allows for such), etc.
  4. You may combine/split the ODP up as you choose, provided you – again- do not go over 3 total months.


To request ODP, please follow the steps below:

  1. Contact the Department Manager with the dates you’d like to use towards your ODP request and the associated funding source(s).
    • Please remember that when requesting ODP when demonstrating effort on your grant, that you can also request release time. When requesting both ODP and Release Time, we will work together to insure you do not go over - or too far under- your required effort.
  2. The Department Manager will prepare the ODP Calculator available on OAA’s website, ASC’s ODP form, and review effort required (should your request for ODP include an external project).
  3. OPTIONAL: After the faculty member has reviewed the information, they can request a signed ASC ODP form via DocuSign. This is no longer required in Workday.
  4. The ODP request will be submitted via Workday and, once approved, will encumber on the related funding for each period requested for payment.
  5. The ODP will show in the pay period associated with the month in which you requested ODP.
    • The only time this will change, is if you request ODP for a month/time period that has passed. In that case, it will be processed in the payroll processing period in which it was submitted.
      • For Example: If you request ODP for the month of June at the beginning of July, your June payment will appear in your July paycheck. However, the Workday system will note the budget date for the appropriate period for grant reporting.

While we understand not everyone can submit ODP requests at the beginning of the year, we do ask that you submit them as early as possible. You are welcome to develop your plan to demonstrate appropriate effort at the beginning of each year with the Department Manager.

Special Note: If you attempt to request ODP for a previous year, we cannot promise that the request will be processed or approved and will only be considered under special circumstances. The decision to do so will be at the discretion of the Department Chair and Department Manager, in consultation with College of Arts and Sciences leadership.


ODP Guidelines, Process Documents, and Calendar can be found on OAA’s website here.


If you have questions, concerns, or require further clarity on this process, please contact the Department Manager, Staci McKinniss at mckinniss.17@osu.edu