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The Department of Microbiology has a rich history and long tradition of training world-class scientists. Our faculty use state-of-the-art experimental and computational approaches and many model systems to investigate diverse aspects of microbial metabolism, molecular mechanisms of gene expression and host-pathogen interactions, microbial communities in their natural habitats, microbial evolution, as well as to develop biofuels, therapeutics, and vaccines.

Microbiology is a rapidly expanding and evolving area of science, which can answer fundamental biological questions and identify practical solutions to many global challenges, from climate change to infectious diseases. Our researchers are at the forefront of diverse and interdisciplinary efforts to solve these challenges, including discoveries of a novel methane-producing bacterial enzyme, a potent vaccine against leishmaniasis, and new anti-coronaviral and anti-bacterial natural products. As a result, our students have an opportunity to be trained in an unusually wide range of research areas in their primary thesis lab and through interactions with colleagues with very broad scientific expertise and interests. Following graduation, our alumni go on to pursue productive careers in academia, industry, and government in diverse geographical locations, from Ohio to Australia.

Along with this cutting-edge research and extensive network of faculty and alumni, we offer an inclusive and welcoming environment, and are committed to ensuring that all members of our community feel at home and are able to fulfill their potential. We invite you to get to know our faculty and explore our research areas, confident that whatever your interests and goals in microbiology, you'll find something exciting here.


For questions regarding the Microbiology Graduate program, please contact the department directly:

Graduate Program Coordinator



Chair of Graduate Studies Committee

Dr. Chad Rappleye


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