Microbiology Major Requirements



Coordinating Advisor

Matthew DeBlieck
614 292-6961

Honors Advisor

Dr. Natacha Ruiz
614 292-3426

Required Prerequisites (and/or supplementary requirements)

  • Biology 1113 (1113H), 1114 (1114H)
  • Math 1151 or 1156 and one of the following:
    • 1152, 1157, (Stats) 1450 or (Stats) 2480
  • Chemistry 1210, 1220, or 2510, 2520, 2540 
  • Physics 1200 and 1201 or 1250 and 1251  

Major Program (Core Requirements and other Major Courses)

  • The major consists of a minimum 30 semesters hours of approved courses.
    • Required core courses make up 21 semester hours
  • A minimum grade of "C-" is required in each course counted toward the 30 major hours.
  • Any student failing to obtain at least a C- after repeating a course must petition the Microbiology Department Curriculum Committee for permission to take the course a third time.
  • A minimum grade point average of 2.00 (“C”) in the 30 majors hours is required for graduation.

Major Core Requirements (Substitutions are rarely--if ever--permitted)
All majors must take Microbiology 4100, 4110, 4120, 4130 and 4140, and Biochemistry 4511.

  • NOTE: Any student seeking to have a microbiology course taken at another institution count for Microbiology 4100 must take the current Microbiology 4100 final lecture and lab exams and score at least a C-. Cases will be reviewed by the Microbiology Department Curriculum Committee before a decision is made.

Other Major Courses The remaining 9 hours of the major can be selected from Group I (at least 3 hours MUST come from this group) or Group II courses.

  • Group I: Any 4000 or higher courses offered by the department excluding 4000.
  • Group II: Additional selected biological and related sciences courses.
  • See Major Handout for a complete list of Group I and II courses

Courses in the major must be approved by the microbiology coordinating advisor or the microbiology honors advisor.
Also please consult an Arts and Sciences academic advisor (Denny Hall, 292-6961) for questions concerning:

  • General Education Course (GEC) requirements for a B.S. degree  
  • Questions concerning scheduling windows and how to schedule classes in general.
  • Questions concerning dropping and adding courses.
  • Most other general questions concerning anything other than major course requirements. 

Join the American Society for Microbiology Student Chapter at OSU! Contact President Maxwell Hart for questions.

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