The Kathleen E. Kendrick Memorial Seminar Series

Kathy Kendrick

Dr. Kathy Kendrick was a committed and talented scientist, but above all else, she was a devoted educator. Dr. Kendrick is remembered as someone dedicated to expanding knowledge for her graduate students, the undergraduates she taught, and everyone who read her papers. She was often hands on in her laboratory and took great pride in making advancements to her field, the study of Streptomyces. She was passionate about everything she did in academia and was always willing to help a student in need. Dr. Kendrick battled Ovarian Cancer for 5 years, but even in her remaining days, she focused on meeting individually with students and postdocs to help them with any problems or concerns they had. She also established a scholarship fund to support Microbiology undergraduate student research. This seminar series honors Dr. Kathleen E. Kendrick and the support she provided to students. In her memory, graduate students of The Ohio State University Microbiology Department choose and invite a professor of their choice to honor each year. Below is a list of previous scientists that have been invited by the graduate students.

Microbiologist Kathleen Kendrick is remembered for her remarkable spirit and exemplary work and service ethic, illustrated by her passion for tackling research that would expand human knowledge; absolute devotion to her students’ growth as scholars; and a fierce sense of fairness. --Buckeye Bios 2007

Previous Honorees:

Dr. Andrew Fire – 2006

Dr. Jeff Gordon – 2008

Dr. Xiaoliang Sunney Xie – Winter 2010

Dr. E. Peter Greenberg – Fall 2011

Dr. Julian Davies – Fall 2012

Dr. Bonnie Bassler – Spring 2013

Dr. Victoria Orphan – Fall 2016

Dr. Farren Isaacs – Spring 2017

Dr. Mariana Castanheira – Spring 2018

Dr. Michael Otto – Spring 2019

Dr. Kim Orth – Spring 2020

Dr. Eric Skaar – Spring 2022

Acknowledgements: Thank you to Dr. Bill Strohl, Dr. Bill Rezinkoff, and Dr. Jerry Ensign for their remembrances of Kathy, Dr. Joe Krzycki for the pictures, and Dr. Tina Henkin for her guidance in organizing communication between the above and the design of this page.