Graduation FAQs


Q: When do I need to apply for graduation?

A: Apply no later than the 6th Friday of the quarter (semester deadlines will be similar) you intend to graduate and no earlier than one quarter prior. You can find information about applying to graduate and the current deadlines at:

Q: I’m planning on graduating next quarter/semester. What do I need from the microbiology department in order to make that happen?

A: You will need to make an appointment with the Microbiology Major Coordinating Advisor. The advisor will fill out a Major Program Form for you that will list all of the courses you have taken (or will take) to fulfill the major requirements. You will then take this form to your ASC Academic Advisor in Denny hall. Your Academic Advisor will take care of everything else you need for graduation. NOTE: Your major course GPA must be at least 2.0.

Q: If I have a major course GPA of 1.99, will it be rounded up to 2.00 so that I can graduate?

A: No. If this happens to you, contact your ASC academic advisor (292-6961) or the coordinating advisor as soon as possible to see if anything can be done.

Q: I want to know what courses I have left to complete before I can graduate. How do I run a Degree Audit to check this out?

A: The following website gives you instructions about how to run your degree audit.