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Minor in Microbiology

Required Prerequisites or Supplements to Minor

Required Microbiology Minor Courses

The Microbiology Minor consists of a minimum of 14 credit hours of microbiology courses:

Coordinating Advisor must approve all microbiology minor [pdf] programs.

Matthew DeBlieck
320 Biological Science Building


General Information on Minor Programs

  1. Minor programs are not required for graduation.
  2. A student may not take a major and a minor in the same subject.
  3. No more than two credit hours can overlap with the major.
  4. Students need not file their minor programs until they file their graduation applications, that is, two semesters before they plan to graduate.
  5. Once a minor is on file in the college office, any changes must be discussed with the coordinating advisor.
  6. No more than six hours of transfer credit may be applied to any minor.
  7. Although a grade of C- will be permitted in courses comprising the minor, the minimum overall CPHR of the minor shall be 2.0.
  8. Courses taken on a Pass/Non-pass (PA/NP) basis may not be applied to the minor.
  9. No more than 6 credit hours overlap of a GE is permissible.

Join the American Society for Microbiology Student Chapter at OSU! Contact President Rachel Martin for questions.