Undergraduate Admissions

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High School Preparation

The best preparation for the microbiology major is a strong math and science program with biology and chemistry courses. If possible, computer literacy and/or statistics should be included.

How to Major in Microbiology at Ohio State

Students can declare this major during their first year at Ohio State. However, because it takes some time to complete the necessary prerequisite courses, the first microbiology course in the major is usually taken in the second semester of the sophomore year. Required supportive courses include two semesters of general biology, one year of general chemistry, and one year of organic chemistry. All other necessary courses can be taken either before (recommended for analytical geometry and calculus) or while also taking microbiology courses.

General Education Curriculum Requirements

During the first year, students begin taking courses which will meet the General Education Curriculum (GEC) requirements. The GEC is a body of courses designed to ensure that each student becomes acquainted with the basic areas of academic study. To meet the GEC requirements, credit hours must be completed from the following areas of academic study: writing and related skills, quantitative and logical skills, natural sciences, social sciences, arts and humanities, diversity experience, and issues of the contemporary world. Students completing a degree within the College of Arts and Sciences must also complete a foreign language proficiency requirement. 

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