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Undergraduate Research FAQs

Q: What is the difference between Micro 4193 and Micro 4998?

A: Micro 4193 is independent study. For example, some micro majors get 4193 credit for assisting with introductory micro labs for non-majors. Micro 4998 is undergraduate research. If you are doing research in a lab, you should work with your PI & assigned academic advisor to sign up for Micro 4998. NOTE: You will need to find a professor willing to let you become involved in research in his/her lab before you can sign up for 4998 credit.

Q: Can a non-honors student do undergrad research with a thesis?

A: Yes. The non-honors student will need to find a professor willing to sponsor the student and enroll in the appropriate section of Micro 4999.

Q: I’d like to be involved in undergraduate research. How do I go about finding a spot in a lab?

A: In the Micro Dept. there is NOT a list of available undergraduate research openings. You will need to do some preliminary work determining what type of research is being carried out by each professor. Once you find a lab that is involved in research you are interested in, contact the professor to see if he/she would willing to take you as an undergrad research student. You can find more information about how to go about this at: http://microbiology.osu.edu/students/ugrad-research

There is also additional information concerning undergraduate research on the undergraduate research site.

Q: I've been doing undergraduate research in a professor’s lab however, that professor is not in the Microbiology Department. How can I find out if the work I am doing can be considered for credit?

A: You may be able to get Micro 4998 credit for your work. First check and make sure that the person in whose lab you are working does not have a 4998 undergraduate number. (NOTE: It's possible that some Professors may not have 4998 course numbers within their home department. In those cases, please contact the Microbiology Major Advisor) You will then need to see the Coordinator of Undergraduate Research for the Micro Dept. If he/she determines that your work qualifies for Micro 4998 credit, he/she will allow you to use his/her Micro 4998 number to sign up for research hours. You will need to complete a form that the Coordinator will give to you. After you have the form completed and signed, the Microbiology Coordinating Advisor or your ASC Academic Advisor can add the hours to your schedule.