Courses and Seminars

Microbiology Course Information

M2000 Introduction to MicrOHbIOlogy Research
M2200 Genome Biology
M3300 The Biology of Pollution
M3704 HIV: From Microbiology to Macrohistory
M4000 Basic and Practical Microbiology (4000.01 and 4000.02)
M4100 General Microbiology
M4110 Microbial Pathogenesis and Immunobiology
M4120 General Microbial Physiology and Diversity
M4130 Microbial Genetics
M4140 Molecular Microbiology Lab
M4998(H)/4999(H) Undergraduate Research
M5122 Immunology
M5129 Cellular and Molecular Biology of Pathogenic Eukaryotes
M5147 Eukaryotic Pathogens
M5149 Introductory Virology
M5150 Microbial Ecology
M5155 Environmental Microbiology
M5160 Geomicrobiology
M5161 Bioinformatics and Molecular Microbiology
M5270 Antibiotics and Microbial Natural Products
M5536 Food Microbiology Lecture
M5546 Food Microbiology Lab
M6010 Principles of Microbiology
M6020 Microbial Physiology and Biochemistry
M6080 Advanced Microbial Genetics
M6155 Microbial Evolution & Ecology
M7010 Cellular and Molecular Immunology
M7020 Microbial Physiology Meets Pathogenesis
M7060 Advanced Topics in Molecular Microbiology
M7600 First Year (Graduate) Student Orientation
M7070 Antibiotics
M7724 Molecular Pathogenesis
M8050 The RNA World
M8194 Microbiome Informatics



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