Courses and Seminars




  • M2000 Introduction to MicrOHbIOlogy Research
  • M2100  Yeast Discovery and Fermentation
  • M2200 Genome Biology
  • M3300 The Biology of Pollution
  • M3704 HIV: From Microbiology to Macrohistory
  • M4000 Basic and Practical Microbiology (4000.01 and 4000.02)
  • M4100 General Microbiology
  • M4110 Microbial Pathogenesis and Immunobiology
  • M4120 General Microbial Physiology and Diversity
  • M4130 Microbial Genetics
  • M4140 Molecular Microbiology Lab
  • M4998(H)/4999(H) Undergraduate Research
  • M5122 Immunology
  • M5129 Cellular and Molecular Biology of Pathogenic Eukaryotes
  • M5147 Eukaryotic Pathogens
  • M5149 Introductory Virology
  • M5150 Microbial Ecology
  • M5155 Environmental Microbiology
  • M5160 Geomicrobiology
  • M5161 Introduction to Computational Genomics
  • M5270 Antibiotics and Microbial Natural Products
  • M5536 Food Microbiology Lecture
  • M5546 Food Microbiology Lab
  • M6010 Principles of Microbiology
  • M6020 Microbial Physiology and Biochemistry
  • M6080 Advanced Microbial Genetics
  • M6155 Microbial Evolution & Ecology
  • M7010 Cellular and Molecular Immunology
  • M7020 Microbial Physiology Meets Pathogenesis
  • M7060 Advanced Topics in Molecular Microbiology
  • M7600 First Year (Graduate) Student Orientation
  • M7070 Antibiotics
  • M7719 Microbiome in Health and Disease
  • M7724 Molecular Pathogenesis
  • M8050 The RNA World
  • M8161 Microbiome Informatics