Micro 6020


Microbial Physiology and Biochemistry

Credit Hour(s): 3 Units
Instructor(s): Krzycki
Offered: Autumn
Prerequisite(s): Graduate standing

Lecture Topics:

  • The diversity of microbes: phylogenetics, habitats, and metabolic diversity
  • Experimental approaches: biochemical, genetic and global analysis (-omics) methods
  • The microbial cell: cell structure, cell cycle and division, and growth rate control
  • Sugar catabolism in Bacteria and Archaea, fermentations, anaplerotic reactions, and metabolic control mechanisms
  • Bioenergetics, thermodynamics, electron transport systems and the diversity of respiratory systems
  • Amino acid biosynthesis and nitrogen regulation
  • Carbon fixation
  • membrane biogenesis, lipid metabolism and protein secretion
  • Developmental programs in microbial systems