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Micro 4130

Microbial Genetics

Credit Hour(s): 3 Units
Instructor(s): Anderson; Ruiz
Offered: Autumn; Spring
Prerequisite(s): Micro 4100 or MolGen 4500 or MolGen 4606
Role in Microbiology Major: Core (Required)

Lecture Topics:

  • Structure and function of DNA, RNA and proteins
  • Genome structure, plasmids, and DNA replication
  • Transcription and translation
  • Transcriptional regulation of gene expression
  • Post-transcriptional regulatory mechanisms
  • Evolution of bacteria: mutations and horizontal gene transfer
  • Use of mutations in genetic analyses
  • Discuss research articles that illustrate concepts of bacterial genetics described in class

Learning Outcomes:

Successful students will be able to...

  • Explain how DNA and RNA function as information molecules
  • Describe the processes of transcription and translation
  • Explain how activators and repressors regulate transcription
  • Describe the major types of regulatory mechanisms that bacteria use to control translation
  • Explain how bacteria use riboswitches to regulate gene expression
  • Explain how bacteria evolve by acquiring mutations in exchanging DNA
  • Understand how mutations arise; distinguish between different types of mutations and the effects they can have
  • Describe the mechanisms that bacteria use to exchange DNA
  • Understand how researchers can use genetic analysis to address complex biological problems