Microbiology 7899 Seminar Schedule


Wednesdays at 4:10 p.m to 5:05 p.m via CarmenZoom

Please contact Igor Jouline for additional information and changes to the schedule.



Autumn Semester 2020:

August 26:  Welcome Orientation - Online
September 9:  Prosper Boyaka, Ph.D., The Ohio State University
"Mucosal antibody responses: What do bacterial toxins have to do with it?"
Host: Chad Rappleye
September 23: Justin North, Ph.D., The Ohio State University
"The diversity of microbial sulfur salvage: making methionine from metabolic waste"
Host: Igor Jouline


October 7: Yann Dufour, Ph.D., Michigan State University

"Evolutionary trade-offs in flagellar motility in bacteria"
Host: Igor Jouline
October 21: Ana Traven, Ph.D., Monash University, Australia
"Metabolic warfare in fungal pathogen-host interactions"
Host: Chad Rappleye
November 4: Christina Cuomo, Ph.D., MIT/Harvard Broad Institute
"Genomic epidemiology and evolution of Candida auris, a multidrug-resistant emerging fungal pathogen"
Host: Matt Anderson
November 18: Ariane Briegel, Ph.D., Leiden University, Netherlands
"Structure and function of the bacterial chemotaxis system in pathogens and microbial communities"
Host: Igor Jouline
November 25: Thanksgiving Break- No Classes
December 2: Nina Wale, Ph.D., Michigan State University
"To be determined"
Host: Igor Jouline

Spring Semester 2021:


January 13:  Jared Schrader, Ph.D., Wayne State University
"Phase-separated membraneless organelles organize bacterial RNA metabolism"
Host: Kurt Fredrick
January 27:
February 10:
February 24:
March 10: Spring Break, No classes
March 24:
April 7:
April 21: Suzanne Fleiszig, O.D., Ph.D., University of California at Berkeley
"To be determined"
Host: Rajendar Deora

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