Microbiology 7899 Seminar Schedule

Wednesdays at 4:10 p.m to 5:05 p.m in Room 170 Davis Heart and Lung

Please contact Mike Ibba for additional information and changes to the schedule.


Autumn Semester 2018:


August 22: Department Welcome/Orientation

August 29: Mary Ann Moran, PhD, University of Georgia-Athens
"Metabolites of the Surface Ocean Microbiome"
Host: Matthew Sullivan
September 5: Andrew Roger, PhD, Dalhousie University
"Evolution of genomes, mitochondria and endosymbionts in anaerobic protozoa"
Host: Juan Alfonzo
September 11:  Stephen Abedon, PhD, The Ohio State University
"Bacteriophages, Biofilms, and Pharmacology: 30 Years of Study of Microbial Evolutionary Ecology"
Host: Kurt Fredrick
**This seminar will be held at 4:10pm in 260 Pomerene Hall. Students enrolled are not required to attend.
September 12: Natividad Ruiz, PhD, The Ohio State University
"Learning how to build and flip across membranes in Escherichia coli"
Host: Kurt Fredrick
September 19: Sylvain Moineau, PhD, Université Laval
"CRISPR-Cas systems: from humble beginnings to today's headlines"
Host: Matthew Sullivan
October 3: Jian Zhu, PhD, The Ohio State University
"Identification of host factors and therapeutic reagents to epigenetically silence HIV proviruses"
Host: Chad Rappleye
October 17: Brian Bachmann, PhD, Vanderbilt University
"From Cave to Bedside: Natural Product Discovery for Precision Medicine"
Host: Kou-San Ju

October 31: No Seminar

November 14:  Vanessa Hale, PhD, The Ohio State University
"To infect or not to infect: C. difficile, diarrhea, and the gut microbiome"
Host: Chad Rappleye
November 20:  Constantinos Stathopoulos, PhD, University of Patras School of Medicine

"Unboxing” the diversity of tRNA-mediated transcription regulation in pathogens

Host: Mike Ibba
**This seminar will be held at 4:10pm, Aronoff 104. Students enrolled are not required to attend.

November 21: Thanksgiving Break, No Classes

November 28:

Spring Semester 2019:


January 9:

January 23:  Raina Maier, PhD, University of Arizona
"To Be Announced"
Host: Virginia Rich
February 6:  Lynne Howell, PhD, University of Toronto
"To Be Announced"
Host: Daniel Wozniak and Rajendar Deora
February 20: John Kirby, PhD, Medical College of Wisconsin
"Xenobiotic Disruption of the Phageome Alters Host Metabolic Rates"
Host: Igor Jouline
March 6:  Greg Phillips, PhD, Iowa State University
"To Be Announced"
Host: Ross Dalbey


March 13: Spring Break, No Seminar

March 20: Frances Yap, PhD, Saint Louis University School of Medicine
"To Be Announced"
Host: Mike Ibba
March 27: Christopher Waters, PhD, Michigan State University
"To Be Announced"
Host: Kurt Fredrick
April 3: Benjamin Wolfe, PhD, Tufts University
"To Be Announced"
Host: Matthew Sullivan
April 10: Gertraud Burger, PhD, University of Montreal
"To Be Announced"
Host: Juan Alfonzo
April 17: Kumaran Ramamurthi, PhD, National Cancer Inistitute at the NIH
"To Be Announced"
Host: Natacha Ruiz

Autumn Semester 2019:

August 21: Department Welcome/Orientation
September 4:
September 18:
October 2:
October 16:
October 30:
November 13: Peter Chein, PhD, University of Massachusetts Amherst
"To Be Announced"
Host: Mike Ibba
November 27: No Classes- Thanksgiving Break


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