Micro 6010

Principles of Microbiology

Credit Hour(s): 2 Units
Instructor(s): Fredrick
Offered: Autumn
Prerequisite(s): Graduate standing

Lecture Topics:

  • Research practices: Academic relationships, expectations and what you need to learn in graduate school
  • Research ethics
  • Preparation of manuscripts, grants and peer review processes
  • Scientific meetings
  • Careers in Science
  • Landmark papers in molecular microbiology: Topics include: phylogenics, genomics, bacterial virulence, signaling, molecular machines (replication, transcription and translation), gene regulation, metabolism, membranes and microbes in the environment

Learning Outcomes:

Successful students will be able to...

  • Read and analyze primary research literature in the field of microbiology, namely:
    • Prepare an oral presentation based upon primary research literature.
    • Deliver an oral presentation based upon primary research literature to an audience composed of their peers.
    • Critically analyze presentations based upon the primary research literature in microbiology.
  • Discuss and analyze topics related to the responsible conduct of research and research ethics