Basic and Practical Microbiology

Credit: 4 Units
Instructors 4000.01: Bullwinkle, Ibba (Mette), Neil
Offered: Autumn, Spring, Summer

Credit: 4 Units
Instructors 4000.02: Ibba (Mette), Pradhan
Offered: Autumn, Summer

Lecture Topics:

  • Functional anatomy of prokaryotic cells
  • Microbial growth and metabolism
  • Microbial genetics
  • Viruses
  • Control of microbial growth and antimicrobial drugs
  • Innate and adaptive immunity
  • Microbial mechanisms of pathogenicity
  • Principles of disease and epidemiology

Laboratory Exercises:

  • Microscopes and their uses
  • Microbial staining techniques and applications
  • Isolation of organisms from mixed cultures, nutritional requirements, use of differential and selective media, and identification of unknown bacteria
  • Environmental factors affecting growth: oxygen, temperature, pH, and osmolarity
  • Control of microbial growth
  • Microbes in food
  • Host interations: symbiosis, parasitism, mutualism, human microbiome, and immune responses
  • Epidemiology

M4000 Syllabus [pdf]

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