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Congratulations Dr. Sandman!

September 25, 2013
Experimenting in a beaker.

Dr. Kaethe Sandman, in collaboration with Lisa Robinson, participated in an Ohio Environmental Council photography contest, in which she received a Merit award for the attached photo entitled "Beaker".

Welcome New Faculty!

August 28, 2013
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The department of Microbiology would like to welcome two new faculty members to Ohio State:

New Graduate Students Autumn 2013

July 30, 2013
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New Microbiology PhD Students

Jordan Angle

Jenna Antonucci

Han Chen

Paula Dalcin-Martins

Robert Danczak

Michelle Gerst

Jonathan Lam

Ila Marathe

Kyle Mohler

Christopher Phelps

Qian Shen

Brent Simpson

Lindsey Solden

Antibiotics: Change Route of Delivery to Mitigate Resistance

June 28, 2013
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WASHINGTON, DC – June 26, 2013 -- New research suggests that the rapid rise of antibiotic resistance correlates with oral ingestion of antibiotics, raising the possibility that other routes of administration could reduce the spread of resistance.