eTravel: Relocation Reimbursements


  • Only new employees where relocation reimbursement is offered in your offer letter may request a relocation reimbursement.
    • The ASC NMS Divisional Dean may be required to provided pre-approval if a larger amount is requested.
  • All receipts must be submitted together after arrival and must be submitted to Staci (schweinfurth.22).
  • Further details will be given after you have arrived on campus.
  • Please be sure to review the Relocation Expenses policy 2.30, as some items will be subject to tax withholding and others may be non-reimbursable expenses (i.e. utility charges, household related items (light bulbs, brooms, furniture, etc.), meals after arriving, real estate expenses, loss of security deposit, etc.)
    • The department is not responsible for paying oil change/car service fees.
  • If the Payroll/Tax office find any issues with your receipts, the reimbursement may be delayed.