Micro 7060


Advanced Topics in Molecular Microbiology

Credit Hour(s): 2 Units
Instructor(s): TBD
Offered: TBD
Prerequisite(s): Micro 6020

Lecture Topics:

  • Topics vary, selected from current literature with emphasis on physiology, genetics, biochemistry, and cell biology of Bacteria and Archaea

Learning Outcomes:

Successful students will be able to...

  • Read and critically evaluate research papers in microbiology
  • Understand commonly employed methods in microbiology research
  • Accurately interpret raw and processed data sets in research papers
  • Identify key findings of research papers
  • Present key findings of research papers clearly to an audience of peers
  • Identify strong arguments supported by conclusive data; identify weak arguments supported by inconclusive data
  • Argue the merits and/or weaknesses of published work from a knowledgeable perspective
  • Read research papers in microbiology with higher efficiency
  • Explain the current level of understanding on several specific topics (variable, depending on the instructor) in microbiology