Microbiology 799 Seminar Archive: Winter 2010

Jan 6: Kathleen Kendrick Memorial Seminar
Xiaoliang Sunney Xie, PhD, Harvard University
"Life at the Single Molecule Level"
Host: Jodie Lee
Jan 13: Joan Slonczewski, PhD, Kenyon College
"pH stress co-regulates H2 production, amino acid catabolism, and sporulation, in E. coli and Bacillus subtilis"
Host: Brian Ahmer
Jan 20: Nilesh Dagia, PhD, Piramal Lifesciences Institute, India
"MIF Antagonists as Therapeutic Option for Auto-Immune/Inflammatory Disorders"
Host: Abhay Satoskar
Jan 27: No seminar
Feb 3: Jim Imlay, PhD, University of Illinois
"Why bacteria are vulnerable to oxidative stress, and how they fight back"
Host: Bob Munson
Feb 10: Will Navarre, PhD, University of Toronto
"Silencing of foreign DNA by bacterial "histone-like" proteins"
Host: Mike Ibba
Feb 17: Irina Artsimovitch, PhD, Ohio State University
"Evolution of a Transcription Antitermination Mechanism"
Host: Brian Ahmer
Feb 24: Christine Dunham, PhD, Emory University
"Structural studies of the ribosome"
Host: Kurt Fredrick
Mar 3: Susan Lovett, PhD, Brandeis University
"Control of the bacterial cell cycle in response to stress"
Host: Mike Ibba
Mar 10: Matthew Cordes, PhD, University of Arizona
"The evolution of new protein folds"
Host: Irina Artsimovitch