Microbiology 799 Seminar Archive: Spring 2011

March 30: Michael Thomas, PhD, University of Wisconsin
"Surprises in Nonribosomal Peptide Synthetase Enzymology"
Host: Mike Ibba
April 6: Graeme Conn, PhD, Emory University
"Molecular mechanisms of target selection by aminoglycoside-resistance rRNA methyltransferases"
Host: Mike Ibba
April 13: Daniel Kahne, PhD, Harvard University
"Reconstitution of Outer Membrane Protein Assembly From Purified Components"
Host: Natividad Ruiz
April 20 :Ron Oremland, PhD, U. S. Geological Survey in Menlo Park, CA.
"Arsenic and the Meaning of Life"
Host: Bob Tabita
April 27: Samantha King, PhD, Nationwide Children's Hospital
"Pneumococcal Mechanisms of Carbohydrate Utilization"
Host: Brian Ahmer
May 4: No seminar was scheduled
May 11: Steven R. Blanke, PhD, University of Illinois
"The Great Escape: Intracellular Remodeling as a Strategy to Promote Pathogen Egress from Host Immune Cells"
Host: Stephanie Seveau
May 18: Robert Britton, PhD, Michigan State University
"Lactobacillus reuteri: Probiotic Interactions with Pathogens and Hosts"
Host: Kurt Fredrick
May 25: Zvi Kelman, PhD, University of Maryland
"The archaeal DNA replication machinery"
Host: Tom Santangelo
June 1: Hira Nakhasi, PhD, FDA
"Recent Advances in Vaccination for Visceral Leishmaniasis using Genetically Altered Live Attenuated Parasites"
Host: Abhay Satoskar