Rodney Tollerson II

Rodney Tollerson II

Rodney Tollerson II

PhD Candidate

Lab: Dr. Ibba

Program: Microbiology

Term Joined: Autumn 2015


  • Presidential Fellow
  • Graduate Enrichment Fellowship


  • Wang, S., Corcilius, L., Sharp, P.P. Burns, C.J., Rajkovic, A., Tollerson II, R., Ibba, M., Parker, B.L., Payne, R.J. Synthesis of Rhamnosylated Arginine Glycopeptides and Determination of the Glycosidic Linkage in Bacterial Elongation Factor P. Chemical Science. In Revision.
  • Emerson, J.B., Varner, R.K., Parks, D.H., Johnson, J.E., Neumann, R.B., Woodcroft, B.J., Singleton, C.M., Tollerson II, R., Wik, M., Owusu-Dommey, A., Binder, M., Freitas, N.L., Crill, P.M., Saleska, S.R., Tyson, G.W., and Rich, V.I. Linking the microbial ecology of Arctic lake sediments to carbon biogeochemistry. In preparation.

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