Lindsey Solden

Post Doctoral Researcher
Research Associates

Lab: Dr. Wrighton

Program: Microbiology

Term Joined: Autumn 2013

Term Graduated: Spring 2018


  • 2018 Presidential Fellowship


  • Faulkner MJ, Wenner BA, Solden LM, Weiss WP (2016). Source of supplemental dietary copper, zinc, and manganese affects fecal microbial relative abundance in lactating dairy cows. Journal of Dairy Science.

  • Solden LM, Hoyt DE, Collins WB, Plank JE, Daly RA, Hildebrand E, Beavers TJ, Wolfe R, Nicora CD, Purvine SO, Carstensen M, Lipton MA, Spalinger DE, Firkins JL, Wolfe BE, Wrighton KC (2016). New Roles in hemicellulose degradation for the uncultivated Bacteroidetes family BS11. The ISME J.
  • Solden L, Lloyd K, Wrighton K (2016). The bright side of microbial dark matter: lessons learned from the uncultivated majority. Curr Opin Microbiol. 31:217-26.
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