Bappaditya Roy

Bappaditya Roy

Bappaditya Roy

Research Associate 2-B/H

614 292-9122

Room # 274, Aronoff Laboratory
318 W 12th Ave, Columbus, OH 43210

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Areas of Expertise

  • Molecular mechanisms of protein biosynthesis in bacteria
  • Ribosome structure and function


  • B.S. in Microbiology, University of Calcutta, India, 2003
  • M.S. in Biotechnology, Utkal University, India, 2005
  • Ph.D., University of Calcutta, India, 2013

Lab: Kurt Fredrick


Selected Publications

Baez WD*, Roy B*, McNutt ZA, Shatoff EA, Chen S, Bundschuh R, Fredrick K. 2019. Global analysis of protein synthesis in Flavobacterium johnsoniae reveals the use of Kozak-like sequences in diverse bacteria. Nucleic Acids Res. 47: 10477-10488. (*Joint first authors)

Roy B, Liu Q, Shoji S, Fredrick K. 2018. IF2 and unique features of initiator tRNAfMet help establish the translational reading frame. RNA Biol. 15: 604-613.

Vo MN, Terrey M, Lee JW, Roy B, Moresco J, Sun Litao, Fu H, Liu Q, Weber TG, Yates III JR, Fredrick K, Schimmel P, Ackerman S. 2018. ANKRD16 prevents neuron loss caused by an editing-defective tRNA synthetase. Nature. 557: 510-515.

Ray S, Blaise M, Roy B, Ghosh S, Kern D, Banerjee R. 2014. Fusion with anticodon binding domain of GluRS is not sufficient to alter the substrate specificity of a chimeric Glu-Q-RS. Protein J. 33(1): 48-60.

Blaise M, Olieric V, Sauter C, Lorber B, Roy B, Karmakar S, Banerjee R, Becker HD, Kern D. 2008. Crystal structure of glutamyl-queuosine tRNAAsp synthetase complexed with L-glutamate: structural elements mediating tRNA-independent activation of glutamate and glutamylation of tRNAAsp anticodon. J Mol Biol. 381(5): 1224-1237.

Ataide SF, Wilson SN, Dang S, Rogers TE, Roy B, Banerjee R, Henkin TM, Ibba M. 2007. Mechanisms of resistance to an amino acid antibiotic that targets translation. ACS Chemical Biology. 2: 819-827.


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