July 22, 2020
Researchers identify a protein responsible for bacteria’s beneficial behavior


By: Emily Caldwell

Scientists have discovered that one of the good bacteria found in the human gut…

July 10, 2020

Successful partnership with Ford to decontaminate cars during COVID-19 pandemic: a project led by our own Jesse Kwiek and Jeff Jahnes. The full story here.

June 25, 2020

Igor Jouline, the Rod Sharp Professor of Microbiology, was appointed interim chair of the Department of Microbiology, effective July 1 through June 30, 2021. Jouline has held his endowed…

June 16, 2020

After 19 years at the OSU Department of Microbiology, 7 of which he led the Department as its Chair, Mike Ibba will take up an extraordinary opportunity to influence science at the next level in…

June 2, 2020

Originally published on May 6, 2020

We are seeing a disruption in scientific research as we continue to social distance and follow stay-at-home orders in many countries because of COVID-19…

May 28, 2020

Ford is testing a new heat-cleaning method, using Police Interceptor utility vehicles' own climate-control systems to decrease COVID-19 virus concentration.

by: COLIN BERESFORD on May 27,…

April 23, 2020

Dr. Patrick Bradley will be joining the Department of Microbiology and the Infectious Diseases Institute at Ohio State this fall as an Assistant Professor. Dr. Bradley comes to OSU from the…

January 28, 2020

By: Nicholas Youngblood


Sometimes relationships turn sour, but that’s exactly the goal for the collaboration between the microbiology department and a local brewery.


November 18, 2019
Scientists identify characteristics of tiny sea life influenced by water temperature

By: Emily Caldwell

Ohio State News

The work is part of an…