Microbiology 7899 Seminar Schedule Archive:Spring 2017


Spring Semester 2017:

January 11: No Seminar
January 18: Nediljko Budisa, PhD, Berlin Institute of Technology
"Potentials of noncanonical amino acids in synthetic microbiology"
Host: Juan Alfonzo
January 25: Julius Lukeš, PhD, University of South Bohemia - Institute of Parasitology
"Diplonemids, new kids in the (ocean) block"
Host: Juan Alfonzo
Februrary 1: Paul Babitzke, PhD, Pennsylvania State University
"Post-transcription initiation control of gene expression: RNA polymerase pausing, transcription termination and repression of translation"
Host: Tina Henkin
February 8: No Seminar
February 15:  Igor Jouline, PhD, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
"Bacterial chemoreceptors: from structural diversity to conserved molecular mechanisms"
Host: Natacha Ruiz
February 22: Thomas Dever, PhD, NIH/NICHD
"Polyamine Control of AZIN1 Synthesis: Translation Factor eIF5A and Hypusine"
Host: Mike Ibba
March 1: Kendrick Memorial Seminar
Farren Isaacs, PhD, Yale University
"Genomes by Design: Recoding Life’s Genetic Blueprint"
Host: Graduate Students
March 8: Stephen Bell, PhD, Indiana University
"Archaeal chromosome biology"
Host: Mike Ibba
March 16: Cari Vanderpool, PhD, University of Illinois
"Regulating with RNA: From Molecular Mechanisms to Physiology"
9:00am, 104 Aronoff Lab
Host: Mike Ibba
*Spring Break, Students are not required to attend
March 22: Thomas Silhavy, PhD, Princeton University
"Building a membrane on the otherside of the wall"
Host: Natacha Ruiz
March 29: Seth Walk, PhD, Montana State University
"Microbiome detoxification of arsenic: active metabolism or biomass incorporation?"
Host: Matthew Sullivan
April 5: Eoin Brodie, PhD, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
"Microbial traits, their genomic origin, and predictive value in soil and subsurface modeling"
Host: Virginia Rich
April 18: Sebastian Leidel, PhD, Max Planck Institute
"If you can’t read you may as well just die! - Connecting RNA and protein quality control"
12:00pm, 104 Aronoff Lab
Host: Juan Alfonzo
Students are not required to attend
April 19: No Seminar
May 3: Valerie de Crecy, PhD, University of Florida
"Discovery of 7-deazapurine synthesis pathways: where RNA and DNA modifications intersect with secondary metabolism"
9:00am, 104 Aronoff Lab
Host: Juan Alfonzo
Students are not required to attend