Microbiology 7899 Seminar Schedule Archive: Spring 2019



January 9: No Seminar

January 23:  Raina Maier, PhD, University of Arizona
"Biosurfactants: Discoveries to Commercialization"
Host: Virginia Rich
January 30: Kendrick Memorial Seminar
Michael Otto, PhD, NIAID
"Pathogen elimination by probiotic Bacillus via signaling interference"
Host: Microbiology Graduate Students
February 6:  No Seminar
February 20: John Kirby, PhD, Medical College of Wisconsin
"Xenobiotic Disruption of the Phageome Alters Host Metabolic Rates"
Host: Igor Jouline
March 6:  Greg Phillips, PhD, Iowa State University
"Community involvement: Understanding genetic adaptation by the gut microbiome"
Host: Ross Dalbey

March 13: Spring Break, No Seminar

March 20: Frances Yap, PhD, Saint Louis University School of Medicine
"Ribosome modulation as a bacterial survival strategy"
Host: Mike Ibba
March 27: Christopher Waters, PhD, Michigan State University
"The ever expanding world of cyclic di-nucleotide signaling"
Host: Kurt Fredrick
April 3: Benjamin Wolfe, PhD, Tufts University
"Delicious rot: using fermented foods to dissect microbiome diversity"
Host: Matthew Sullivan
April 10: Gertraud Burger, PhD, University of Montreal
"Massive gene defects compensated at the RNA level"
Host: Juan Alfonzo
April 17: Richard Brennan, PhD, Duke University
"Dissection of the molecular circuitry controlling Fransicella tularensis virulence"
Host: Irina Artsimovitch