Microbiology 7899 Seminar Schedule Archive: Spring 2018

January 10: Kit Pogliano, PhD, University of California-San Diego
"How to build an endospore (and develop faster ways to find antibiotics)"
Host: Natacha Ruiz
January 17: Purnima Dubey, PhD, Ohio State University
"Development of improved acellular pertussis vaccines that prevent B. pertussis colonization and transmission"
Host: Chad Rappleye
January 24: Donald Sheppard, PhD, McGill University
"Breaking the mold: fungal exopolysaccharide as a therapeutic target"
Host: Chad Rappleye
February 7: William Navarre, PhD, University of Toronto
"Silencing of foreign DNA by bacterial pathogens"
Host: Mike Ibba
February 21: Christina Stallings, PhD, Washington University
"Molecular Pathogenesis of Mycobacterium tuberculosis"
Host: Irina Artsimovitch
February 28: Karen Dannemiller, PhD, Ohio State University
"Out of thin air: Relative humidity and fungal exposure in the indoor environment"
Host: Virginia Rich
March 7: Vaughn Cooper, PhD, University of Pittsburgh
"How biofilm growth influences the evolution of antimicrobial resistance, and why some adaptations might be predictable"
Host: Dan Wozniak

March 14: Spring Break, No Classes

March 21: No Seminar

April 4: Marie Elliot, PhD, McMaster University
"The secret lives of Streptomyces: unveiling morphological and metabolic marvels"
Host: Kou-San Ju
April 11: Kendrick Memorial Seminar
Mariana Castanheira, PhD, JMI Labs
"Antimicrobial Surveillance and Detection of Antimicrobial Resistance"
Host: Microbiology Graduate Students
April 18: Houra Merrikh, PhD, University of Washington
"The clash of macromolecular titans: replication-transcription conflicts in bacteria"
Host: Mike Ibba