Microbiology 7899


Wednesdays at 4:10 p.m to 5:05 p.m via CarmenZoom

Please contact Kendra Rowell for additional information and changes to the schedule.


Spring Semester 2022:

January 5: Kasie Raymann, Ph.D., UNC Greensboro

"Ecology and evolution of host-associated microbes"

Host: Virginia Rich

*Graduate students are not required to attend this seminar


January 12: Sumiti Vinayak Alam, Ph.D., University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

"Molecular mechanisms controlling proliferation and development of the diarrheal pathogen Cryptosporidium parvum"

Host: Virginia Rich

January 18: Apollo Stacy, Ph.D., National Institute of Allergy & Infectious Diseases

"Role of poly-microbial interactions in shaping health and disease"

Host: Daniel Wozniak

*Graduate students are not required to attend this seminar


January 26: Shelbi Russell, Ph.D., University of California

"Cellular mechanisms and evolutionary outcomes of microbial symbiont transmission"

Host: Matthew Anderson


February 2: Justin North, Ph.D., The Ohio State University

"Organic sulfur acquisition by bacteria: what to do with the accompanying carbon?"

Host: Patrick Bradley


February 9: Eris Skaar, Ph.D., Vanderbilt University


Host: Graduate Students


February 16: Michele LeRoux, Ph.D., MIT


Host: Natacha Ruiz


February 23: 

March 9:

March 16:  No Seminar - Spring Break

March 23:  


April 6: Elizabeth Grice, Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania

"Skin Microbiome: Risks and rewards for barrier integrity and tissue repair”

Host: Daniel Wozniak


April 20: