Microbiology 799 Seminar Archive: Autumn 2010

September 29: Charles Bell, PhD, Ohio State University
"An electrostatic ratchet mechanism for processivity of lambda exonuclease"
Host: Mike Ibba
October 6: No Seminar
October 13: Larry Rothfield, PhD,University of Connecticut Health Center
"Organization and dynamic behavior of the bacterial cytoskeleton"
Host: Sheryl Justice, co-sponsored with CMIB
October 20: Ross Dalbey, PhD, Ohio State University
"The Assembly of Proteins into the Bacterial Inner Membrane: The Role of the YidC Insertase/Chaperone"
Host: Tina Henkin

October 27: No Seminar

November 3: Tom Mitchell, PhD, Ohio State University
"Using Whole Genome Approaches to Understand Fungal Virulence and Biology"
Host: Chad Rappleye 

November 10: Thomas Magliery, PhD, Ohio State University
"Information in protein sequences:  combinatorial and statistical protein design"
Host: Irina Artsimovitch
November 17: Kira Makarova, PhD, NCBI
"Evolution of diverse cell division and vesicle formation systems in Archaea"
Host: Irina Artsimovitch
November 24: Thanksgiving holiday, no seminar
December 1: Patrice Hamel, PhD, Ohio State University
"Thiol-disulfide chemistry in the thylakoid lumen"
Host: Mike Ibba