Microbiology 7899 Seminar Schedule Archive: Spring 2015


Spring Semester 2015:

January 14: Yasuko Rikihisa, PhD, Ohio State University
"How Obligatory Intracellular Bacteria Enter Cells and Acquire Nutrients"
Host: Tina Henkin
January 28: Rick Colwell, PhD, Oregon State University
"Deep Life: What's Up Down There?"
Host: Mike Wilkins
February 4Alfred Spormann, PhD, Stanford University
"Microbial Life by Reductive Dehalogenation"
Host: Joe Krzycki
February 11: Mary Anne Rubio, PhD, Ohio State University
"Editing and Modification of tRNAs in Trypanosoma brucei: Keeping Mutagenic Enzymes in Check"
Host: Mike Ibba
February 18: Microbiology/EEOB Joint Seminar
Patrick Degnan, PhD, University of Illinois
"Gut reactions: Evolution and Dynamics of Human Intestinal Microbes"
Host: Mike Ibba and Zakee Sabree
March 4: Brent Christner, PhD, Louisiana State University
"Microbial Life beneath the Antarctic Ice Sheet"
Host: John Reeve
March 11: Vanessa Bailey, PhD, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
"Soils, Carbon, and Microbes: An Overview of Research into a Complex System"
Host: Kelly Wrighton
March 18: Spring Break, No Seminar
March 25: Cheryl Kerfeld, PhD, Michigan State University
"Structure, Function, Assembly and Engineering of the Carboxysome and Other Bacterial Microcompartments"
Host: Bob Tabita
April 8: Christine Jacobs-Wagner, PhD, Yale University
"Spindle-less DNA segregation and cell size control in bacteria"
Host: Natacha Ruiz
April 15: Ian Henderson, PhD, University of Birmingham
"PIpA plays a central role in lipid homeostasis in Gram-negative bacterial outer membranes"
Host: Ross Dalbey and Natacha Ruiz
April 22: Jade Wang, PhD, University of Wisconsin
"Interplay Between Replication and Transcription in Bacteria"
Host: Mike Ibba