Microbiology 7899 Seminar Schedule Archive: Spring 2013

January 9:  Eric Arts, PhD, Case Western Reserve University
"Transmission and pathogenic fitness of HIV"
Host: Jesse Kwiek
January 16: Linc Sonenshein, PhD, Tufts University Medical School
"Integration of Metabolism and Virulence in Gram-Positive Bacteria by a Conserved Global Regulator"
Host: Tina Henkin
January 23: Chip Tilton, PhD, Case Western Reserve University
"HIV Replication and Pathogenesis: new insights from a multi-stage reporter virus system"
Host: Jesse Kwiek
January 30:  Jeff Roberts, PhD, Cornell University
"Insights into Transcription Elongation from Bacteriophage Lambda Q Protein"
Host: Tom Santangelo
February 6: Kendrick Memorial Seminar
Bonnie Bassler, PhD, Princeton University
"Manipulating Quorum Sensing to Control Bacterial Pathogenicity"
Host: Graduate Students 
February 13: Robert Cramer, PhD, Dartmouth
"Mechanisms and Implications of Hypoxia Adaptation in the human fungal pathogen Aspergillus fumigatus"
Host: Chad Rappleye
February 20:  Andrew Darwin, PhD, NYU School of Medicine
"Surviving secretion: the phage shock protein stress response of Yersinia enterocolitica"
Host: Mike Ibba
February 27: Amy Schmid, PhD, Duke University
"Gene regulatory network dynamics in halophilic archaea"
Host: Mike Ibba
March 6: Igor Almeida, PhD, University of Texas-El Paso
"A sweet death to a deadly parasite: a fully protective glycan-based vaccine against Chagas disease"
Host: Abhay Satoskar
March 13: Spring Break, No Seminar
March 20: Craig Martin, PhD, University of Massachusetts
"The Mechanics of Initial Transcription: The RNA-DNA Hybrid Pushes on the Protein, and the Protein Pushes Back!"
Host: Tom Santangelo
March 27: Katsu Murakami, PhD, Pennsylvania State University
"Structures of prokaryotic RNA polymerases from Escherichia coli, Thermococcus kodakarensis and bacteriophage N4"
Host: Tom Santangelo
April 3: Max Gottesman, PhD, Columbia University
"Coupling and Uncoupling Transcription and Translation in E. coli"
Host: Irina Artsimovitch
April 10: Jacquin Niles, PhD, MIT
"Engineering platforms for controlling RNA biology in model organisms and human malarial parasites"
Host: Juan Alfonzo
April 17: Tom Bernhardt, PhD, Harvard Medical School
"The ABCs of bacterial cell division"
Host: Natacha Ruiz