Microbiology 7899 Seminar Schedule Archive: Autumn 2013


Autumn Semester 2013:

August 21: Department Welcome/Orientation

August 28: Sebastian Leidel, PhD, Max Planck Institute-Munster
"Deciphering the in vivo role of tRNA wobble uridine modifications in translation"
Host: Juan Alfonzo
September 4: Kurt Fredrick,PhD, Ohio State University
"'Bridging' gaps in our understanding of translation elongation"
Host: Mike Ibba
September 11: Bob Kranz, PhD, Washington University in St. Louis
"Engineering and purification of cytochrome c biosynthetic pathways: heme trafficking, redox, and modification"
Host: Patrice Hamel
September 17*: Kenn Gerdes, PhD, Newcastle University
"Epigenetic control of bacterial persistence by toxin - antitoxins and ppGpp"
Host: Mike Ibba and the RNA Center
*This seminar will be held in 112 Meiling at Noon.
September 25: Phil Scott, PhD, University of Pennsylvania
"Protective and pathologic CD8 T cells in cutaneous leishmaniasis"
Host: Abhay Satoskar
October 2: Stephanie Seveau, PhD, Ohio State University
"Virulence and host defense mechanisms during listeriosis"
Host: Irina Artsimovitch
October 9: Yves Brun, PhD, Indiana University
"Mechanisms and regulation of bacterial surface attachment and biofilm formation"
Host: Dan Wozniak
October 16: Bob Buchanan, PhD, University of California, Berkeley
"Early research on anaerobes led to redox regulation in chloroplasts… plants now return the favor."
Host: Patrice Hamel
October 23: Marvin Whiteley, PhD, University of Texas-Austin
"Microbial Facebook: Probing bacterial social networks during infection"
Host: Dan Wozniak
November 6: Amal Amer, PhD, Ohio State University
"Why Burkholderia cepacia infects cystic fibrosis patients?"
Host: Stephanie Seveau
November 20: Michael Polymenis, PhD, Texas A&M University
"Cell Cycling to Longer Lifespan"
Host: Mike Ibba
November 27: Thanksgiving Holiday, No Seminar