Andrew Woodruff

Andrew Woodruff

Andrew Woodruff

PhD Candidate


room 712 Riffe Building
496 W 12th Ave,
Columbus, OH 43210

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  • B.S., Miami University, 2017

Advisor: Matthew Anderson

Program: Microbiology

Term Joined: Autumn 2017


  • University Fellowship, The Ohio State University, 2017-2018
  • NIH/NIAID F31 Training Grant (1F31AI167576-01A1), The Ohio State University, 2022-Current


  • Dunn, M.J., Woodruff, A.L., and Anderson, M.Z.. Galleria mellonella waxworm infection model for disseminated candidiasis. J. Vis. Exp. 2018, 1–8 (2018).
  • Wang J.M.*, Woodruff A.L.*, Dunn M.J., Fillinger R.J., Bennett R.J., Anderson M.Z.. Intraspecies transcriptional profiling reveals key regulators of Candida albicans pathogenic traits. MBio 12, 2021.03.03.433840 (2021).

*these authors contributed equally


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