eTools: University Business Leave


University Business Leave

Must be filed when traveling on business, but not requesting OSU Funding. Note: This function is primarily used for Faculty; if Staff are traveling for business, it is preferable that an eTravel request be completed.
  • Click "New"
  • Fill-in the required fields
    • Complete the Start and End dates; use your best estimate for departure and return times
    • Please list a clear Business Purpose (example: Traveling to XYZ University to present seminar)
    • If you plan to ask for Reimbursement, an eTravel request would be more preferable and easier for you upon your return.
  • Click "Submit"
  • The request will workflow to the Departmental Approvers.
  • This option is not used for Graduate or Undergraduate student employees.
    • ​Instead, you would need a Travel Request created; please contact the Program Coordinator to have that completed and provide necessary details.

*For personal leave, please be sure you're using eLeave.


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