eTools: University Business Leave

Special Note:

At this time, due to COVID-19 and campus restrictions, all OSU related travel is cancelled until at least December 31, 2020. Please review the updated OSU Travel Office guidelines here. While there may be some exemptions, they will be rarely approved and will be domestic business essential only. Please contact Staci Schweinfurth ( for questions and clarification.

Thank you for your cooperation.


University Business Leave

Must be filed when traveling on business, but not requesting OSU Funding. Note: This function is primarily used for Faculty; if Staff are traveling for business, it is preferable that an eTravel request be completed.
  • Click "New"
  • Fill-in the required fields
    • Complete the Start and End dates; use your best estimate for departure and return times
    • Please list a clear Business Purpose (example: Traveling to XYZ University to present seminar)
    • If you plan to ask for Reimbursement, an eTravel request would be more preferable and easier for you upon your return.
  • Click "Submit"
  • The request will workflow to the Departmental Approvers.
  • This option is not used for Graduate or Undergraduate student employees.
    • ​Instead, you would need a Travel Request created; please contact the Program Coordinator to have that completed and provide necessary details.

*For personal leave, please be sure you're using eLeave.


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