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Special Note:

If you are a PI/Supervisor who has an employee that is not currently able to work for a full 40 hours under the work from home guidance, due to COVID-19, please contact Staci Schweinfurth ( for guidance and information related to disaster leave. Disaster Leave must receive prior approval and the Department Manager must be notified prior to the request is submitted.

Thank you for your cooperation.



Used by employees that are paid Biweekly; Timesheets must be approved by Monday at Noon following the end of a pay period.
  • Full-time or Part-time Biweekly employees: Make sure preferences are set to only enter actual hours worked, not "Time in/Time out"
    • Undergraduate student employees should leave their timesheets as "Time In/Time Out"
  • Click "View Timesheet"
  • Enter hours worked.
    • If vacation or sick leave was taken during the pay period and the leave was approved appropriately, it will automatically default into your timesheet; do not try add additional hours on these days.
    • If your vacation/sick leave was not yet approved, you cannot submit your timesheet appropriately. Please remind your supervisor to first approve your leave request.
    • Undergraduate students should submit the hours as time in, time out not total hours worked.
  • Make sure total hours (including any leave time) equals that of 40 hours per week (for fulltime employees).
    • Undergraduate employees that are enrolled in courses, cannot exceed 28 hours/week; while not enrolled in courses, the undergraduate employees cannot exceed 38 hours/week.
    • Undergraduate federal work study (FWS) employees, cannot exceed 20 hours/week. FWS students must also comply with other rules that can be found here.
  • Click "Submit"
  • Note: Please receive pre-approval from your PI/Supervisor prior to submitting Overtime hours on your timesheet. If you would like to receive comp time, please contact the department office first to discuss comp time vs. overtime; you must also discuss this option with your PI/Supervisor as appropriate.

Additional Information related to eTimesheet:

  • Graduate Fellows,Teaching and/or Research associates do not use eTimesheet
  • Payroll Calendars can be found here.
  • The University overtime/comp time policy can be found here.
  • Please notify Staci if you're having any issues or have questions/concerns.

If you are in eLeave and want to move to eTimesheet or University Business leave, you have the ability to do so within the eTool by choosing a different option at the top of the page. Please contact the department office if you have any questions or concerns about these tools.


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