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Special Note:

If you are a PI/supervisor who has an employee that cannot work a full 40 hours under the work from home guidance, due to COVID-19, please contact Staci Schweinfurth ( for guidance. 

Disaster leave must be pre-approved and the Department Manager must first be notified prior to submission of request.

Thank you for your cooperation.



Used for sick leave, vacation, parental leave, jury duty, etc.
  • Click "New"
  • Fill-in the required fields
    • Complete the Start and End Dates of your Leave.
    • DO NOT change the leave designation from "Neither". If you feel that it should be something other than "Neither", please contact the Department Office prior to submission.
    • Add the Daily Hours you'll be out & choose the Leave Type. (Only enter the hours per day that you will be out, not total hours of overall leave time. Please, do not put more than 8 hours per day)
      • Example: If you are taking of 2 full days of vacation, the daily hours would be 8; when you click "Create Leave Request", it will then create the 8 hours per day request for a total of 16 hours.
      • Example: If you are taking 3 hours Sick Leave off per day for 5 days, the daily hours would be 3; then when you click "Create Leave Request", the 3 hours per day request will be created for a total of 15 hours over those 5 days.
      • Parental Leave MUST be pre-approved by Ohio State HR (OHR). Please review the Paid Leave Policy and notify the Department Office for Questions and to be put in contact with OHR.
      • Vacation should always be entered prior to taking the vacation day(s)
      • Pre-Scheduled Sick (such as surgery/doctor's appointments) should also be entered in advance.
      • **You cannot take Sick in place of Vacation. You can, however, use Vacation in lieu of Sick Leave if you must take sick leave and do not have any sick leave time left.
  • Click "Create Leave Request"
  • Review the request & Check the Box acknowledging you understand your leave time can only be taken if a balance is available.
    • A comment section is available if you need to provide more detail about your absence or the person responsible in your absence.
  • Click "Submit for Approval"
  • The request will workflow to your Supervisor (and backup approvers for the Department) for approval and you will receive email notices of both the submission and approval (or denial)
  • eLeave does not apply to Graduate or Undergraduate student employees, as they do not accrue leave balances.
    • Funded graduate students are required complete a Request for Leave form [pdf]. This form must be completed and turned in to the department office before you leave.
    • If you are a GTA, you must get both your PI's and your TA coordinator's approval prior to the leave. You can also notify the Graduate Studies Chair when necessary.
    • Even if it is during a break, you must still complete the request for leave form as you are paid during that time period as well.



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