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Due to COVID-19 there are various restrictions on eRequests, eTravel, eTimesheet, and eLeave. Please visit each page individually for further links and information.

OSU eTools are university communication and request tools that can be used anywhere. The University and the Department of Microbiology require you to use the following tools if you need to make certain requests: 

NOTE: Our department only allows current OSU employees/students to use our departmental pcard; All transactions must be pre-approved by the department.

 All employees using university funds are responsible for compliance with all applicable university policies. When using grants, employees must also be in compliance with the sponsor.

Relevant Policies

Procurement Decision Tree

The following is an order of the preferred methods of purchasing at Ohio State. All of these purchases are initiated using eRequest.

  1. Internal Vendors (Uniprint, CCIC, MBSC, Mass Spec, etc.)
  2. eStores
    • Key Contracts (100% Compliance mandated): Coke Products, Dell, UPS, Staples,Comdoc, Fisher/Life Tech, etc.
    • Preferred vendors - Review the contract book.
  3. PCard - purchases less than $5,000 that cannot be purchased from an internal order, PO, or eStores (Only university funds can be used for pcard purchases)
    1. If you have a Pcard for your grant, please work with OSP on those purchases.
  4. Convenience Order (reimbursement, honorarium, memberships, and registration fees)
    1. You cannot submit a reimbursement for yourself or someone in your lab (or another); only the Departmental Office can process a reimbursement.
  5. Purchase order - for goods/services greater than $5,000

OSU eTools

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