Namesort icon Research Description Phone Number Campus Address
Stephen Abedon
Associate Professor
Bacteriophage ecology and evolutionary ecology Office: 419-755-4343
Lab: 419-755-4292
299 Bromfield
Brian Ahmer
Associate Professor
Detection of other microbial species and the host environment by Salmonella Office: 614-292-1919
Lab: 614-292-7666
710 Biomedical Research Tower
Birgit Alber
Associate Professor
Biochemistry of central carbon metabolism Office: 614-247-4443
Lab: 614-247-2517
417A BioSci
Juan Alfonzo
Editing and modification of tRNA in mitochondrial biogenesis and disease Office: 614-292-0004
Lab: 614-292-0141
218 Aronoff
Irina Artsimovitch
Molecular mechanism of transcription Office: 614-292-6777
Lab: 614-688-3561
270 Aronoff
Charles Bell Charles Bell
Associate Professor
Molecular & Cellular Biochemistry Office: 614-688-3115 437B Hamilton Hall
Ross Dalbey
Membrane Protein Assembly, Proteases, Biophysics Office: 614-292-2384 580 Biological Sciences
Charles Daniels Charles Daniels
Molecular biology of the archaea: archaeal SNO-RNAs Office: 614-292-4599
Lab: 614-292-6854
428A BioSci
Kurt Fredrick Kurt Fredrick
Associate Professor
Mechanistic studies of protein biosynthesis Office: 614-292-6679
Lab: 614-292-9122
286 Aronoff
Venkat Gopalan
Protein-aided RNA catalysis Office: 614-292-1332 707 Biological Sciences
John Gunn
Salmonella and Francisella host-pathogen interactions Office: 614-292-6036
Lab: 614-292-7998
794 Biomedical Research Tower
Patrice Hamel Patrice Hamel
Associate Professor
Mitochondria and chloroplast membrane biogenesis Office: 614-292-3817
Lab: 614-292-6345
582 Aronoff
Tina M. Henkin
Transcription termination control in Gram-positive bacteria; RNA structure/function Office: 614-688-3831
Lab: 614-688-3830
904 Riffe
Michael Ibba
Professor and Chair
Translation of the genetic code; tRNA biology Office: 614-292-2120
Lab: 614-688-3908
276 Aronoff
Pravin T. P. Kaumaya
Peptide and protein design, antigenic and immunogenic determinants, peptide & protein folding. Office: 614-292-7028
Lab: 614-292-0736
316 Tzagournis
Joseph A. Krzycki
Biochemistry and molecular biology of methanogenic Archaea emphasizing methane formation and their genetic encoding of the novel amino acid pyrrolysine. Office: 614-292-1578
Lab: 614-292-4173
914 Riffe
Jesse J. Kwiek Jesse J. Kwiek
Assistant Professor
Molecular biology in the service of public health Office: 614-292-3256
Lab: 614-292-9666
788 Biomedical Research Tower
Thomas Magliery
Associate Professor
Combinatorial and Statistical Approaches to Protein Stability, Structure and Function Office: 614-247-8425 1043 Evans
Robert S. Munson, Jr. Robert S. Munson, Jr.
Bacterial Pathogenesis and Genomics. Office: 614-722-2778
Chad A. Rappleye Chad A. Rappleye
Associate Professor
Molecular Mechanisms of virulence by Histoplasma capsulatum. Office: 614-247-2718
Lab: 614-688-4312
540A BioSci
John N. Reeve
Molecular biology of archaea, molecular adaptations to extreme environments. Office: 614-292-1267
Lab: 614-292-6890
468 BioSci
Natacha Ruiz Natividad Ruiz
Assistant Professor
Envelope biogenesis in Gram-negative bacteria Office: 614-292-3426
Lab: 614-292-4129
264 Aronoff
Abhay Satoskar Abhay Satoskar
Immune mechanisms that determine outcome of "New world" cutaneous and visceral leishmaniasis. Office: 614-293-0537
Lab: 614-293-0537
M418 Starling
Larry Schlesinger
Innate immunity in mycobacterial infections. Office: 614-293-8636
Lab: 614-292-5295
798 Biomedical Research Tower
Stephanie Seveau Stephanie Seveau
Assistant Professor
Bacterial toxins and infectious diseases Office: 614-247-7671
Lab: 614-247-7674
643 BioSci